Today In Bermuda is proud to introduce our readers to our newest youth reporter, Che’-Chulae’ Monet Dowling, who is a student at the T.N. Tatem Middle School. 

Che’-Chulae’ is a talented young lady, who was not only selected to participate in American reality show, Top Kid Model, but is also building a name for herself in the athletic arena.

In her first assignment, Che’-Chulae’ sits down with Women’s Senior National Team Football coach Naquita Robinson, who also teaches at T.N. Tatem Middle School to obtain a little insight on what makes her tick.

CCD: Good day Coach.  Thanks for allowing me to interview you. I’d like to jump right in with some questions about you and your life. How long have you been involved in sports?

NR:  My entire life! I started when I was six years old in mini minors. I’m 41 now so I’ll let you do the math lol.

CCD: What made you want to become a coach?

NR: Well initially I tried out for the National Team in 1998 and I was unsuccessful getting on the team. Rather than picking up my boots and throwing them in the trash. I decided to give back.

CCD: How often do you coach during the average week?

NR: I coach six days a week including coaching my son’s team one day a week.

CCD: How do you keep young people motivated when they don’t want to train?

NR: I always try to look for exciting new challenges because sometimes people get bored. I also try to be understanding and honest with them. I also keep the players informed of all the opportunities possible to keep them motivated.

CCD: What is one of highlights of your coaching career?

NR: Well I would have to say the Girls’ 2017 Middle school finals. Seeing the T.N.Tatem Tigers win the finals and the look of success on the girls faces when they won!

CCD: Where do you see the National team in the next five to 10 years?

NR: I would love to see the Women’s team making it into the CONCACAF finals.

CCD: How would you describe yourself?

NR: Flexible, understanding and compassionate!

CCD: If there was something you could let people know about you that they might not ever guess, what would that be?

NR: I write poetry in my free time!

Well there you have it Coach Naquita Robinson is an amazing woman. She is not only a coach but a mother who is dedicated and committed to making sure our women are properly trained to ensure that they reach their full potential. 

Women’s soccer has taken on a new evolution. So many of our young women are being accepted into Higher Learning Institutions through the National Soccer Programme. It’s coaches like Coach Robinson who help to make sure that the talent of our island is fully exposed! Coach Naquita Robinson is a guiding light, and a shining ray of hope in the world of women’s soccer.

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