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Every so often something is done that brings a new perspective to something that we are used to. Whether it is the ability to watch news on your phone or book your movie tickets online, innovation is a constant force that keeps things fresh.

Lately two young Bermudians have brought their own form of innovation to Bermuda’s social media scene via their own online video show. The show which goes by the name of “It’s that type of party” discusses various local and international social, political and cultural issues.

Hosts Dwayne Robinson and Trae Cannonier attempt to create a cocktail of their very own; social, political and lifestyle views mixed with a dash of wry slapstick humour.

On the surface they deserve applause as most young persons shy away from openly expressing their social and political views. Yet beyond the surface they have found themselves putting out facts that are best labelled as “alternative”.

A prime example was in the episode speaking about the recent court cases involving Bermudians being dragged to court for the December 2nd 2016 travesty.

On repeated occasions they stated that finally the Union(s) were being taken to court. 

When advised that no union was being taken to court they insisted on doubling down on their incorrect facts.

During another episode when asked about their views of the BIU and PLP in particular their online reply was this:

“We do not ridicule those entities because we are OBA, we simply disagree with their methods and do not believe they have the best interest of the island in mind.”

So without a doubt by their own words, they are OBA supporters that one can see that they have little to no fond feelings for the organisations that have been a crucial part of moving the working class people of Bermuda forward. One can even go so far as to say they have no hesitation in attacking many black organisations.

When one reflects on most of their incorrect facts or misguided notions of black organisations it would be easy to label them in the negative. As one recent commenter stated on Facebook:

“These two really have no idea of the sacrifices made by the same people and organisations that they ridicule on a regular basis”

Another commentator went so far as to label them in this manner:
“They are nothing more than the latest OBA surrogates”

Perhaps both claims about these young men are true. However there is something fundamental that we have to bear in mind in cases like this.

If we saw young persons speeding down the road do we just let them keep speeding and possibly kill themselves or do we flag them down to tell them stop?

If we saw a young person about to jump off a cliff do we just let them jump or do we hold on to them and talk them down?

In the same view when we see young Bermudians expressing such disdain for the very community that paved the way for them do we write them off or do we take a pause to figure a way to demonstrate to them the error of their ways?

Roughly five years ago I began my career as a columnist. My very first editor Tony McWilliam of the now defunct Bermuda Sun took me under his wing and gave me two sound pieces of advice:

A: Research your facts before submitting them as your own opinion

B: Do not insult anyone in your pieces

Subsequent to my two years at the Bermuda Sun I have had the unique pleasure of submitting hundreds of pieces to various news sites locally and internationally.

Each piece written has followed those two guiding principles.

I say that to say this, despite their clear OBA loyalties both Mr. Cannonier and Mr. Robinson have the right to express their opinions. However, if I could lend them the same advice I received I would tell them that they need to do their research before they get in front of those cameras.

More importantly, they need to stop disrespecting Bermudians who have worked hard to build the Bermuda that their generation now so freely enjoys.

Simply put, it is not that type of party.

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