• Written by  Carla Zuill

A relative of a young prisoner says that she has had difficulty sleeping since seeing a video of him, in what appears to be a forced fight with another, larger inmate.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said on multiple occasions she has received the video of Anthony Williams, 18, who is serving time for aggravated burglary and prowling, fighting Marico Bassett, who is currently serving a lengthy sentence for an attempted murder while using a firearm.

It is alleged the fight between the pair took place at the Westgate Correctional Facility last month in a bathroom.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I could not believe what I saw. That boy was so much bigger than him and it looks like he was being made to fight. I do not feel that he should be in that prison. They should send him to Co-Ed instead where I feel he will be safer.”

Williams’ relative says although her family was upset to see the video, she considered it a “good and bad thing.”

“If it was not recorded we would not have known how bad he is being treated. Our family has spoken to Commissioner of Prisons Lt. Col. Edward Lamb and he has said that he will take care of it,” she adds.

She laments: “Where were the officers? How was this allowed to happen? How are phones in there? This boy could have been killed.”

The woman says she hopes that Williams turns his life around once he is out of prison. She admits that before his incarceration he got involved with the wrong crowd, but he was on the cusp of reforming before he lost his grandfather, who he was moving overseas to live with.

“We were set to go but his grandfather passed in August 2016; he ended up getting in trouble the next month. I just want him to turn his life around.”

Today In Bermuda reached out to Lt. Col. Lamb regarding the incident and the concern for Williams’ safety to which he responded: “I can confirm that Mr Williams is very safe where he is now, having been moved to a different unit.”


  • Dont want my real name
    Dont want my real name Tuesday, 11 April 2017 09:11 Comment Link

    I was a inmate in 2015 just at co ed facilities .. The person u should really look at is the head chiefs... And prison officer's needed to be evaluated ... People always said our Bermuda prison is a hotel.. They call it a correction facility its bullshit.. The chiefs allow bullshit to go one..... The prison officer's that don't have any humanity in them have nasty attitudes coming work everyday.. The chief in other hands knows what was going on ..... I can name 2 things health, n mentally abused , ... One is health even for the female's ..... They had so much mold in that prison females were getting sick skin was turning... And guess what the men doctor covers for the chiefs ass and tells us this all we can do for u... You know what the doctor asks me do I have insurance ... I said I'm under you guys care it should be paid for.... Two I was mentally abuse from prison officer's telling me n other inmate's that we will be back after my times up.. I said what the fuck.. Officer go on real bad cause they have power in jail n the law protects them.. Do you know we wasn't even allowed to write letters to our family even explaining what was going on.... I even rember a officer asking me and a another inmate for vigina n to see our breast.. I was scared I was really young.. I brought in marijuana.. Something that helps cure people and I'm been paying for it ever since.. The chief wouldn't even help us get work realise.... U would have thought I murdered some one .. I was there for a year .... Before I went Court I was working, volunteering, school and etc even involved in groups for women... Now im totally fucked .all females that were locked up between 2013 to 2016 ... Ones with kids n no kids didn't even get help to get a job or no financial help.. They didn't help us correct nfn... Except locks us in a cell make us do chores look us back in a cell.... Can u imaging them waking u up at 6 or 7 in the fucking morning to clean the jail.. N then been locked down for a another hour or two .... Does that sound like a hotel... There are some good officers and bad officers.. The only thing that really help me get threw the days were my family and loved ones locking people up that haven't murder someone or attempted murder should be locked up the rest should be House arrest ... Could u imaging the ones with out families kno one to check on them , knw one to help with there catine .. The prison didn't even have someone to talk to use... To help us .. So what's so correction about that place nfn... My names now on google.. So its hard for me to find a job..n schooling .... I'm back at square one .... There only thing that I was OK with was the meals food.. But on the males side a lot of fights are happening over there... And the chiefs n officers are not telling no one I'm heard plenty of stories from of west gate prison n seen fights off of phones ... Phones should be allowed look at the crims the officer n chiefs are doing... And nfns beeinig done about it... They should help track the females down to help them get a job or financial wise.... Other women turned back in the same position or there up at that place that take mental people or right back In jail.. If it wasn't for my mom I won't have a lil hustle I have now... I'm been doing the best I can try to stay out of trouble.. But its hard when you wanna better your life.. Get a job..go back school... Tried for a waver to go school got turned down after I worked hard .. And it took me 4weeks to make the waver money.. And got turned down and they took my money that I could have got food .... With ... The prison is a bad place ... If I was the lady seeking for help u need some one higher then the Chief real high cause there been cover there ass for so long. They don't separate killers form the normal less crimins. Don't trust them...

  • Clifton
    Clifton Tuesday, 11 April 2017 00:25 Comment Link

    He's in a safer place smh. They but him in MAX at 17 teen years old lock down foe 23 hours a dat


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