Three years ago, if you would have asked 17-year-old D'ontae Zuill if he ever imagined attending school and living in the UK, the answer would have been a resounding, "NO".

But now that he's lived there for close to two years, he couldn't imagine being anywhere else. An aspiring fashion designer, D'Ontae recently attended Walsall College and will be transferring to another institution in the near future.

Recently, Today In Bermuda spoke with D'Ontae about studying a trade which breaks the mold.

TIB: What made you study fashion design?

DZ: My first year at school out here I did a host of art classes and out of all of them I loved textiles the most.

TIB: What were your family's/friends' reaction?

DZ: They all said that they would support me no matter what I do.

TIB: Before this, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why did you change?

DZ: An architect. I was always interested in building things. I remember when I used to make houses out of shoeboxes. I changed because I actually like being behind a sewing machine and I want to make my own clothes.

TIB: Is there a certain item that you want to master?

DZ: Right now I don't have a desire to design shoes, but I do want to make clothing for everyone from the youngest member of the family to the oldest.

TIB: How would you define your style?

DZ: I don't know. I like to look different from others.

TIB: What makes an outfit stand out to you?

DZ: It's colours. I love a good colour combination. Red is my favourite colour.

TIB: An outfit is not complete without...

DZ: A good pair of shoes. They are the most important part of an outfit, in my opinion.

TIB: Worst style combo?

DZ: When you don't have on the same colour socks as your shoes! If you have on black shoes or sneakers, you should have on black socks!!

TIB: What would be your dream fashion job?

DZ: To own my own fashion house. I don't want to work for anyone else.








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