• Written by  Carla Zuill

It’s been a while since my last blog! Time is flying…a lot quicker than I care to admit, but hey the clock ticks backwards for no one!

I cannot believe it’s been nine months already since we set off on a new and unknown adventure in a country never visited besides in transit. I remember as December 29, 2016, was looming. I would close my eyes and try to envision where we would end up.

I knew we were headed to Manchester, but what was my house going to look like, my neighbourhood, the sky? Weirdly I could not picture anything in colour…it was all monochrome—but not in a gloomy way. I simply could not conjure up an image.

Nine months on, I still look around and marvel: “This time last year, I was in Bermuda, still contemplating whether I should make the move.”

Now, I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else!

This summer, we returned home. When we exited the aircraft, I was HOT! I had virtually forgotten what humidity felt like. But I loved the smell of the nearby ocean. I couldn’t wait to go swimming!

For the first time ever in their lives, I did not reside under the same roof of my children. I had requested a much-deserved break and wanted to have the experience of not having to hear “Mommy!” more times a day than I could count. And their feelings weren’t even hurt.

My house was semi-emptied so I didn’t stay there. Now THAT was strange as I’d spent some point of every year of my life there and had been there full time since 1992.

The day after I arrived, I got to do something that I rarely am able to do while in the UK. I slept in. There was no one begging me to make breakfast, to walk with them down the stairs to the bathroom (yes that still happens, can you guess which son is so demanding?!); to make them tea.

I rolled over at one point…and just laid there. And then when I rolled again, I touched something. I forgot my daughter was there with me (I was used to her being a continent apart from me!) but she could fend for herself so back to sleep I went. I could really get used to that!

It was a very interesting experience being a tourist in your country. I walked more than ever before and literally stopped to pick and smell flowers that I never would have given a second glance prior t to relocating. I went to the beach every chance I could.

The sand seemed pinker and the water clearer than ever (have you seen any body of water in Manchester?! Ick). When I pulled up to Warwick Long Bay for the first time in years, I felt like the South Shore was singing to me and I gladly wanted to hum along. I sat back and smiled as the sun soaked my skin. My tan was deepening and I wanted more.

The question I was most frequently asked was: “When are you coming back for good?”

I just left…it will be no time soon. My children are thriving and being afforded opportunities they would never have in Bermuda, and there are plenty more to come.

During the spring I made a Bermuda bucket list—and I’m happy to say I completed all items but one before my August departure. I didn’t have my ArtMel’s fish sandwich. Not living so close by reduced my desire but I will definitely be sure to have one the next time I’m in town.

Which leads me to my greatest challenge vacationing where I once lived: not having my own transportation. OMG the pain!! I am thankful to Maria who loaned me her car each weekday during working hours and Kelly who picked me up each morning and virtually every afternoon.

They both went way out of their way to help me virtually every day for several weeks, and I will forever be grateful. Real friends stand up in a time of need. But next time I may have to rent one of those Twizzies! I hear they are quite peppy.

As my time on the Island drew to a close, I had no mixed emotions. It was simply time to go. Of course, my heart was torn from having to leave my daughter behind, but ‘home’ was calling and I was ready to continue with my life there.

“That is not home,” someone told me indignantly. “How can you say that. Bermuda is home.”

“Home is now the UK,” I simply responded. “But Bermuda is my heart. I will now vacation where I used to live.”


  • Sylvia Hayward
    Sylvia Hayward Sunday, 08 October 2017 16:20 Comment Link

    I've been there. .leaving Bermuda for other places that become home. I've found though, that after a few years, Bermuda calls and i have to return. This time, I've been home (Bermuda) for nearly 9 years, almost the longest I've spent since i started wandering. And it's time to go again. I've come to
    know that Bermuda will always be home, but i need another word for those other places that will always hold a piece of my heart

  • Shika
    Shika Monday, 02 October 2017 15:46 Comment Link

    Nicely said: I will now vacation where I used to live.


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