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June 12, 2016. A date that some may never forget. A lone gunman, Omar Mateen, walked in the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida and decided to kill innocent people who were simply out having a night on the town. His actions left 49 dead and 53 injured.

Mateen was also killed that morning after a shootout with Police.

One man who was at the club, although he survived the attack, died three months later after suffering from a brain aneurysm.

Recently, while visiting Orlando, ironically while heading to a viewing of a loved one, we drove across a colourful site. I was intrigued but had no clue that is was nightclub.

To see it on the national news was one thing, but to see it firsthand was another. I vowed before I left Florida I would be back to pay my respects.

I knew no one personally who was impacted by the tragic event, but I was drawn there. I still can’t explain it.

On June 6, I drove there in the pouring rain and surprisingly, people were there paying their respects. I asked one pair whether they knew any of the victims. They didn’t but they simply had to come and see the site, they said.

The aura is hard to explain. Although the club is no longer opearable and the blood has long been washed away, there is a vibe which surrounds the site. Insurmountable sadness hangs in the air.

RIP to the victims of Pulse. 



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  • Shari-Lynn Pringle
    Shari-Lynn Pringle Friday, 16 June 2017 12:00 Comment Link

    Thanks so very much for sharing your visit to Pulse as many of us won't get to Orlando to see this outpouring of love for 49 people and their families who must go on with their lives knowing the horrible end their loved ones faced simply because of who they loved and how they lived. RIP #Orlando49 and continued prayers for those left behind.


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