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Thank you Anika Smith, I hope the powers that be read this. It would behoove Dwayne Caines (National Security Minister) to take a good hard look at the current legislation, legislation that is so incomplete that people are forced to walk around in fear when they know exactly who it is that's threatening them. Or worse yet, they're forced to leave Bermuda altogether - just so they can be safe!! There's no effort to even investigate complaints, we have to accept that nothing can be done - really??? Absolutely crazy. I'm so tired of the only thing government caring about is tourism and International Business - pouring millions of dollars into that and completely disregarding the needs of its PEOPLE! Our whole legal system turns a blind eye to what they KNOW is outdated and broken. Lawyers, judges, politicians - they just continue doing what they do while all around them people are suffering from the broken system in which these people function every day. No-one seems to care about generating new or updated laws unless its business related! It's so unacceptable.