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Worth reading and facing the realty for so many on a personal level as we as a country. Our laws need updating to protect the citizen and for citizens to be have the right to defend themselves and property. What do you do when a person who is a known threat, threatens you. Fight or flight. No time to freeze, seconds could cost your life.
Don't forget to invest in our future.
Nurturing, caring relationships early in life help give children strong foundation. Early intervention, high quality child care and positive parenting are all factors that that can help our youth to grow into healthy adults. Of course we need to take care of basic needs like food and shelter. Poverty is a very high risk factor for children and families.
Let's use all our resources to educate and get our people employed. Not with 2 or 3 jobs as their children will not have quality time with their parents.
Our children are worth standing up for change. Let's make change happen.