• Written by  Carla Zuill

Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva and Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright need to be fired, says one long serving Police officer who says as powers that be, they are not doing enough to eradicate the gang violence in Bermuda.

“We need to get all cameras working. Surveillance needs to be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week for weeks and months on end,” the officer tells Today In Bermuda on condition of anonymity.

“I think the Commissioner is oblivious to everything because it’s not on his doorstep. These cops party right along with criminals at (a popular Front Street establishment).

“To me, collectively, we are not working hard enough. There’s a lot of work to be done by Police but we always seem to be waiting for the right move.”

The officer adding that budget cuts have not helped in the fight against crime, especially against gang violence: “We are understaffed. We should be at 485 and we are at approximately 360 and that number is still being reduced, which leaves us being stretched beyond capacity.”

And during football season, the officer says, it can be harrowing for Police: “During the last season Dandy Town played in Somerset. Police are there. Then something breaks out at PHC which involved guys from Parkside and Police had to rush there. What would have happened if something else had broken out elsewhere? Somerset Police station is closed after hours. It needs to be open around the clock.”

The officer weighs in on criticism made by members of the community who feel that Police appear to give preferential treatment to Parkside members: “It baffles me that they are so close to the main Police station but can never get caught doing anything wrong. I understand why people feel this way.

“I think these young boys have lost their minds. It hurts me as a Police officer to see what is happening. These guys are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. No one believed they were gangs and the powers back then did not want to listen. You have some officers who turn a blind eye. Bermuda needs to do something now.

"Everybody is on same page that something needs to be done but the minute we go ‘round there then the Police are wrong. These guys cannot be controlled. Some of them get high as a kite and they don’t care. Pretty soon they are just going to open fire and innocent people will get hurt. The cameras don’t work in vicinity of Eliot Street. Why not?”

The officer continues: “Rivals MOB don’t act like this. When they are in Somerset they don’t bother anyone. They are not antagonistic. They are more business thinking. The way Parkside acts is a level that us as Police have not dealt with. The Commissioner has said when the wrong person gets shot, the perpetrator will go to jail.”

And adds solemnly: “MOB are very organised and they are going to come…and when they do…”

And, being an officer, they say, has become too administrative: “There’s way too much ‘book stuff’.”

The officer says he feels security officers need more power to do their jobs: “They need to be amalgamated with Police so that they can have the tools, as these guys will kill a security guard in a second. They need taser training which is rigourous.”

The officer says it’s becoming increasingly daunting to be in their profession.

“If you put on uniform and think that blue and blue makes you Superman, you better think again.”

They add they believe that one way to show gangbangers on the Island that that their unsocialable behaviour will not be tolerated: “Take all the murderers and attempted murderers and put them in a hard jail overseas. Like in Jamaica.”

Today In Bermuda reached out to the Bermuda Police Service to comment but received no response by time of publication.


  • Deb Lewandowski
    Deb Lewandowski Friday, 14 July 2017 01:23 Comment Link

    Round up all the known gang members, ship them off the island and drop them off with just basic needs in a location where they have to fend for themselves...let them figure out how they are going to live or die...kind of like a real life version of how fast they realize that they will need each other to live...taking people out of their comfortable lives and taking away their assumption of superiority, entitlement, and power can really make them wake up and change, not to mention teach them humility and dependence on each other...

  • Roger Lambert
    Roger Lambert Thursday, 13 July 2017 10:42 Comment Link

    Police using Constant patrols of the gang areas, constant speed checks in their areas, searches etc including the female associates too. Unsettle them. Police Community workers, Church groups/School PTAs/Political Parties/Labour Unions All get into the neighbourhhoods, like the Jehovah Witnesses do, to help discourage the Under 18s from becoming Gang mules & get to know the Lord or Allah etc.


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