• Written by  Carla Zuill

Marisa Baron, the sister of National Security Minister Senator Jeff Baron, has been relieved of her duties as an assistant underwiriter at Aspen Insurance's Bermuda office, Today In Bermuda has learned.

Earlier this week, Ms Baron is believed to have posted an inflammatory statement denouncing Black people on the Island on her personal Facebook page. The racially insensitive post started making the rounds amongst social media and, within hours, a second post claiming that Ms Baron's page had been 'hacked' appeared on her profile. In the post it was claimed that Ms Baron did not write the initial post, and that an unknown third party posted it under her name after she left her account logged in but unattended. 

However, her brother, Sen Baron released a statement the day after the posts were made denouncing his sister's actions, but not before the posts roused the ire of many across the community, both Black and White.

Today In Bermuda has learned that a number of residents took to the internet and sent emails expressing their displeasure with Ms Baron's employer, who described her post as “abhorrent” and promised an investigation into the matter.

One Aspen employee who worked with Ms Baron said many of their colleagues were shocked by her alleged words.The employee went on to say that upon arrival at Aspen's offices on Thursday morning, employees were advised to use an alternative entrance as opposed to the one ordinarily utilised by staff.

Contrary to reports that members of the public have visited Aspen's offices to express their displeasure, the employee says this was not the case and they were simply instructed to use another entrance.

“Marisa was not there and there was a meeting held with top managers. We knew it was something serious. She has not been seen [in the office] since.”

The employee says while no one at Aspen is formally saying that Ms Baron has been terminated, they have learned that she will not be returning.

When contacted by Today In Bermuda, Steve Colton, Head of Group Communications at the Aspen Group, to confirm Ms Baron's termination, Mr. Colton said: "Aspen takes matters of this nature extremely seriously. The comments made and sentiments contained in this Facebook post were abhorrent and are completely at odds with the culture and values of Aspen. However, we do not comment on individual staff matters."


    ROGER LAMBERT Monday, 10 July 2017 14:34 Comment Link

    THANK YOU ASPEN for acting on the remarks by Ms. Baron. ASPEN is a private company that has done WELL in helping Bermuda & Bermudians of All Areas. Bermuda & Us Bermudians have also given WELL to Aspen, thus I am encouraged by their Sensitivity to Us Black Bermudians and their sensitivity indirectly to any white person whom Ms. Baron tried to Hurt & Pull Down with her Racist Remarks.

  • Kevin-Eugene Sill
    Kevin-Eugene Sill Saturday, 01 July 2017 23:02 Comment Link

    Wow - I am totally lost for
    Words right now .....


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