"I wish I knew who their parents are," says ireporter CS, who forwarded this video to Today In Bermuda. We have learned this incident occured recently, and in usual fashion is making its rounds on every form of social media.


Due to the use of extremely profane language being used by these middle schoolers, Today In Bermuda decided to strip the video of its audio track. It must be noted that whomever recorded this incident did nothing to stop the unruly behaviour, and in fact, encouraged it, while other preteens recorded the event on thier phones as well.

Our young people must do better!



  • ddd
    ddd Tuesday, 08 March 2016 20:40 Comment Link

    either way it is not needed to be post on here it has already been dealt with it and yall just making the situation seem so much them what it is. Nobody knows what really happened to lead up to that except for those children, however fighting is not the answer but posting it on Facebook and news is also not the answer either. They are children and these are the type of thins that every child goes through. It was not needed to be video tapped but either way everyone gets in fights at one point of time in life.

  • kBinns
    kBinns Tuesday, 08 March 2016 11:55 Comment Link

    All of us have children and know that they do not always act as we have trained them at home. The fact that these girls are fighting does not mean they are bad kids. Yes I do agree that this type of thing should stop, but which one of us went through school and never saw a fight or even had a fight. When the 'bus stop' was first established there were fights in there every week!! But kids will be kids and they will have fights. It is the social media that is blowing it out of proportion along with the snoody remarks of some parents. Some of us should be concerned about what our own kids are doing when they are away from home then clean our own backyards before we ask about other parents.

  • Meredith Stapff
    Meredith Stapff Tuesday, 08 March 2016 08:42 Comment Link

    It ends when we give our young people jobs can we move on with Admiralty House Plan please with will create 100 jobs + for students. Jobs they will be proud of. Anyone on board email me

  • anymous
    anymous Monday, 07 March 2016 19:17 Comment Link

    This is terrible

  • Andrew Outerbridge
    Andrew Outerbridge Monday, 07 March 2016 18:43 Comment Link

    ...and people are wondering why Bermuda is in such a mess right now...This is little more than a reflection of their parenting...Sorry a****!

    CONCERNED PARENT Monday, 07 March 2016 18:33 Comment Link

    I am one of the girls mom's and I have been to the police station and the matter is being handled ! When I saw footage I was still am very disturbed of these young ladies and man behaving badly and as the on lookers recorded and encouraged this violent act! It shall not be tolerated against my child and consequences , actions will be taken! This is a act of bullying, abuse, and assault! And I won't stand for it! Just to make it known I am very concerned parent !

  • Unknown
    Unknown Monday, 07 March 2016 18:21 Comment Link

    I wouldn't blame the parents because first are all that's a building and it looks like a house so where are the people that live

  • KES
    KES Monday, 07 March 2016 13:55 Comment Link

    Wow, this is really sad!

  • Disgusted!
    Disgusted! Monday, 07 March 2016 13:34 Comment Link

    the incident needs to be posted on MORE than LOCAL media! These girls have no self respect let alone respect for anyone else! One day they will have children of their own and TRUST ME karma NEVER loses an address so i hope they are laughing and carrying on when their Karma gets their children's a** beat by someone elses child OR children! They need a good old fashioned CUT A**!

  • Anjannette
    Anjannette Monday, 07 March 2016 11:50 Comment Link

    Thank you to the young women (especially in the green) for being so mature. To the you girls who filmed and did nothing, remember this could have been you on video being watched in Minnesota. Shame on you!


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