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Every year when carnival concludes, high adrenaline dissipates for some, costumes collect dust and carnival tabanca begins to set in.

Feterans start feeling the urge to do it all over again almost instataneously but what should you do in between carnivals to soothe the burning sensations of wanting more?

Soca, to its Bermuda demographic is not just a genre moreover it has transcended from their thoughts to an atmosphere, into a climate then created a culture here in the island.

For that reason, three local bands Passion Bermuda, Code Red Bermuda, and Intense, corroborated to create Burn Out. 

Burn Out was not just designed to keep this culture alive throughout the year but to also give you the ultimate workout experience on the road to promote preparation for Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2017, says Jacobi Robinson of Code Red Bermuda.

For most people who prepare themselves for BHW, which consists of a whole week of partying combined with very few hours of sleep. That alone takes a toll on the body therefore you must prepare mentally and physically. It would behoove a Carnival participant to indulge themselves in a fun filled physical activity, like Burn Out, to build endurance for the upcoming ultra-marathon (BHW).   


If you didn't participate in Burn Out last Sunday, you missed out on a great time. It started off at Sandy’s Secondary Middle School and matriculated its way onto the railway trail, concluding at Rockaway Ferry Terminal over the course of 4 hours. Although this event was spearheaded by three bands, the event was open to all revelers.

"With carnival, you have a lot of chipping, jumping up and down and drinking in the hot sun. So, it's always good to be in some type of shape," says Jacobi. "Fitness is important to everyday life, not just carnival." 

When asked, if this would be an annual event, Mr. Robinson replies with a laugh: “I wouldn't say annual. the question should be how many times a year!" 

"It was fun and full of energy. The exercise segments were good. I love GeishaRene and her Soca fit routines. The worst part was the sprint up the hill," says participant Tianna Saltus. "It was nice to see different bands come together to do something like this. I wish it was longer, I wasn't ready to finish and I can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully all bands can join forces to make it bigger." 

Adds Juliette Lawrence: “One word sums it all up;Burn Out was awesome!"

Code Red, one of the pioneers of Burn Out also has a strong presence in our community. This happens very organically via sales of shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags. Code Red is a multifaceted group involved in diversified movements, such as Burn Out and their upcoming Golf Tournament on Saturday, April 8.

"We stand for fun, positive vibes, and togetherness," adds Jacobi.

Code Red doesn’t end when the last song is played at the last fete. That's just where it all begins and perpetuates.

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